Welcome to your new kitchen…organized

This week the All Things Home Organizing™  team had the pleasure of unpacking and organizing a family of five in their new Marin home.  In fact, it’s the first home they own, so it was a very special opportunity to be a part of the moving fun.

Yes, moving is chaotic and sometimes stressful.  Especially if you have 3 young children who are off from school during your move.  But in just a day and half, we were able to give them a completely organized kitchen, master bedroom, closets and bath.

Michelle, unpacking the kitchen
It always looks worse before it gets a lot better!
Across from the dishwasher, the kid's dishes...placed where they can reach them.
Everything for making lunches for the kids to take to school handy.
Using drawer dividers makes it easy to located utencils.
Place the smaller items on the lowest shelf for easy access.
Organizing the food pantry for ease of use by the whole family.
The finished kitchen.

I keep saying that I think everyone should have to move every 6 years.  It would really keep down the amount of stuff that gets lost in the back of cabinets and drawers and forgotten about, until you unpack it and then realize it just needs to be pitched.  Like parts to an appliance you no longer have, or broken bits and pieces of things you were going glue back together but then lost the other half of, or kitchen gadgets you have been dragging from one place to another and have actually never used!

My goal in organizing a kitchen is to make things as accessible and efficient as possible.  It should only take a couple of minutes to unload  the dishwasher, or gather everything you need to make lunch for the kids.  Items in the pantry should be grouped by type and placed so that parents can control the snacks, but children can get their boxes of cereals. 



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  1. Cheryl Bower says:

    Nicely done Gayle!