The Difference between pre-approval and pre-qualification

For many new homebuyers, the terms pre-qualification and pre-approval seem interchangeable. But they are not — and the distinction is an important one. When you get pre-qualified, I perform a quick check to determine generally how large a home loan you can afford. Essentially, when a buyer is … [Read more...]

Buying a Short Sale — The Need for Speed

Short sales offer not just a lifeline to homeowners in over their heads, but an opportunity for homebuyers seeking an amazing deal. Better yet, thanks to new regulations, the once lengthy process has recently become considerably more streamlined. In a short sale, a homeowner that cannot afford to … [Read more...]

10% down and not FHA!

Property type: Three-bedroom, two bath in Half Moon Bay Appraised value: $585,000 Loan amount: $508,000 Loan type: 30yr fixed Rate: 5% Back story: For a long time in this economy the only way to do a 10% down mortgage was through FHA. This loan makes the blog because it was the … [Read more...]

Eight Quick Tips for Living Green

Today, living green isn’t just a lifestyle choice; it makes solid financial sense. As home energy costs increase, homeowners are seeking simple and smart ways to save energy and consequently save money, too. Trying to create a more environmentally sound household doesn’t have to start with … [Read more...]