What To Know Before You Move To A New Neighborhood

As home buyers , we tend to research homes a lot. We look at square footage; at upgrades; at landscaping; at community statistics; and, at every other “number” on which we can get our hands. But those are just statistics. What about the home’s “feel”? In this 5-minute piece from … [Read more...]

How To Screen For A Good Home Contractor

Thank you Michael for the post! In addition to the tips below you can also contact your favorite Realtor, hint, hint ;-) for recommendations to contractors.  As a 20+ year home renovator & having purchased a handful of fixers I've compiled a list of my favorite, most reliable painters, … [Read more...]

Practical Advice : How To Help Your S.F. Bay Area Home Sell Faster

Thank you Michael for the post. If you are thinking about selling your home in the S.F. Bay area I'm happy to set up a time to view your home & provide input as to value & how to prep it for market so that it sells for top dollar. Keep in mind when watching this clip that the market … [Read more...]

Better Credit Scores Get Better Mortgage Rates

This week marks the start of the Refi Boom’s 7th month ; rates have been falling since early-April 2010. Whether you’re looking to refinance or buy a home, however, know that not everyone will qualify for today’s low rates. Mortgage approvals are primarily based on good income, good equity … [Read more...]

Yes, You Can Still Get A Mortgage If You’re Pregnant

The New York Times ran an important story this week concerning pregnancy and mortgage approvals. Titled “Need a Mortgage? Don’t Get Pregnant“, the article discussed the difficulties that expecting and recently-expanded families are having with their mortgage financing. NBC’s The Today … [Read more...]